Pekka Järveläinen

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Valokuva Pekasta

I'm interested in everything except sports and music, mostly I lie on the sofa and read a book. I like for example the historical novels of Mika Waltari. I run Linux on my home PC.

My favourite drinks are orange juice and milk.

Some of my photos.

My vision is to see as many Bibles as possible to be available in the Internet. There are texts and programs on our anonymous ftp server. Mail me if you know more. I have converted Turkish New Testament to HTML.

My christian hotlist: in Finnish I wrote about Bible in Finnish.

I work at CSC.

Pekka Järveläinen
Kaupintie 15 D 40
00440 Helsinki
+358 40 543 7856 (telia) mobile
N 60°13'48" E 24°52'51"